Tributes to murdered PC

The street where the murder happened Credit: ITV Anglia

As police in Essex continue to investigate what led to the killing of one of their officers in Clacton-on-Sea on Monday people in the town have been paying tribute to a popular and much respected policeman.

ITV Anglia correspondent Malcolm Robertson is in the town talking to people who knew both the victim and the man who gunned him down.

PC Ian Dibell was shot trying to intervene in a dispute between neighbours. The man who killed him - Peter Reeve - was found dead in a churchyard 40 miles away in Writtle . It appears that he'd turned hisgun on himself.

At the local shop in Clacton's Kiln Barn Avenue there's a total sense of shock over what's happened.Shopkeeper Gary Poole knew both men, and Trevor Marshall, who's recovering after he too was shot by Peter Reeve. "Ian was in here just 45 minutes before it happened, getting cigarettes and soft drink " said Mr Poole. "I just can't believe what's happened."

77-year-old Marion Millington lives nearby. "it's such a shock, Clacton of all places." she said.A cordon remains in close near the scene of the shootings. People have been laying flowers close to where it happened.