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Police release CCTV of alleged rapist

Police want to talk to this man Photo: CCTV

Essex Police are investigating claims that a woman was raped in her home in Westcliff after attending the Southend Air Show on 26th May.They are hoping to identify the suspected rapist captured on CCTV as well as trace a friend of his.The 30 year old woman had been to the Southend Air Show with her four children before going to the Sutton Arms pub on Essex Street at 1600, and The Park Tavern on London Road some hours later.

She struck up a conversation with a group of people, including two men, in the first pub. They all then went onto The Park Tavern where CCTV shows them leaving shortly before 2000.The woman claims the suspected rapist walked her back to her home near Valkyrie Road, while the second man walked off in another direction. She alleges she was then raped in her home.

"As you can imagine, this is a complex enquiry and we have many areas which need clarifying. It is thought that this woman’s memory has been impaired by alcohol. We are now left trying to identify these two men, one of whom is a potential offender while the other is sought after purely as a key witness. We ask people to cast their minds back to the first day of the Southend Air Show which was the start of a hot and sunny weekend. We then would ask if anyone recalls seeing this woman with her three young children in tow and her baby in a buggy. They would have been travelling from the beach, then to the Sutton Arms, onto The Park Tavern and then home probably via London Road. We would also urge people to look closely at the CCTV image to see if they recognise the man who is suspected of sexually assaulting this woman.”_

– DC Lisa Wiggins, Investigating Officer

The suspected rapist is described as white, in his 30s, of athletic build and has broad, muscular shoulders. At the time, he had shaved hair and was wearing a white vest with a racer back and khaki knee-length shorts.