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Family's battle for compensation after car hits pram

A pram containing twins Alaura and Stephen McCulloch was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing Photo: ITV Anglia

A couple from Northampton are celebrating a partial victory after a two-and-half-year legal battle. Lynette and Tim McCulloch were told they weren't entitled to any compensation after the pram carrying their twins was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing, leaving one with serious head injuries.

They were told they couldn't claim damages because the driver had stopped paying for his insurance policy but it later emerged it hadn't been properly cancelled.

Alaura and Stephen McCulloch were just six months old when they were being pushed across a road in their pram when it was hit by a car. Their mother Lynette says it happened as she was waved across the road at a pedestrian crossing by a well-meaning driver. But then another car in the other lane hit the pram.

Stephen was badly inured by Alaura suffered serious head injuries and will need specialist care for the rest of her life.

Lynette McCulloch with her twins Alaura and Stephen Credit: ITV Anglia

Until now they've been unable to claim damages for their daughters injuries. But just before the case was due to go to trial the insurance company admitted liability after being shown CCTV footage proving the driver had a clear view of the road when the collision took place.

It's a partial vistory for the family who now have to ensure Alaura can access the medical treatments she needs for her current conditions and those she may face in the future.