When Peterborough's Louis Smith won Olympic silver and bronze in London he didn't just cement his place as a sporting legend - he announced himself as a style icon. The Gymnast is already the face of many international brands including Lucozade, British Airways and Adidas but it was his haircut which really drew the public attention.

The 'undersweep' as it has been dubbed was created by Ross Strowthers Louis's friend and barber since he was a child. Louis got the Train back to the 'Headz Up' salon two days before competing to create the eye catching look. The haircut cost just £12 but Ross says Louis tipped him twice that.

Mr Strowthers says he's had numerous inquiries about the 'undersweep' and has had lots of kids requesting a 'Louis Smith' haircut since the gymnast's triumphs.

Following the 2002 World Cup David Beckham's Mohawk hair style started a fashion craze which forced many schools to ban the part shaven headed design. Whilst Louis Smith may not have Becks' international fame just yet - his style is certainly causing a stir in Peterborough.