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People's Millions winners update

The Young Lives charity takes to the water Photo: ITV Anglia

Just over a year after receiving a cheque for £60,000 the Young Lives charity has finally set sail.

Crewed by volunteers and attracting people across Cambridgshire it helps youngsters get creative while afloat.

"If you weren't here what would you be doing, do you think?"

"I would probably be at home with my friends but I'd rather be here because it's helping the community"

– Stephen Marr - Volunteer

Lynn Hogarth from the charity Young Lives says:

"Cambridgeshire is full of waterways and I don't think young people and children get to appreciate the waterways as much as they should yet they're on their doorstep. so we thought we'd bring young people and the waterways together, teach them how to use the boat, let them enjoy the waterways. The places we're stopping are the places where we've got people to come and see us and good places to moor up to let people to come down and join us."

Young Lives won last year but another project from several years back has also come to fruition"

It's full steam ahead at the Northampton and Lamport Railway. After winning fifty grand in 2010 the Allchin Steam roller, that was previously in bits, is now up and running

"Everybody in Northampton who's seen it running thinks its top of the world. As it's the only one in the world, it's a ten tonne stream roller and was built by William Allchin not William Allchin limited and it was built in 1899. So that is the oldest roller that WIlliam Allchins actually and it's the only one they did make that wasn''t a limited company"

– Sharon Skinner - Northampton Preservation Group

A piece of our industrial heritage saved for future generations. And bringing fun to the Fens - all thanks to the Big Lottery.