Diabetic kids compete in special Games

A mascot gets the crowds going at the Diabetic Games Credit: Gary Mabee

More than 200 children with diabetes have been competing at a special Games in Cambridge, designed to coincide with the opening of the Paralympics.

All the youngsters have the type 1 variety and organisers have put on the East of England paediatric diabetic Games to show that the condition need not prevent them being involved in sport and having fun.

'It's about managing the condition, ' said Claire Pesterfield, head children's nurse for diabetes at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge - herself a type 1 diabetes sufferer.

These youngsters have to take injections every day or carry an insulin pump to monitor blood/glucose levels and if they have the correct diet and exercise properly there's no reason why they can't get involved in sport to a very good level. These Games are a celebration of what can be achieved.

The children have been competing in a variety of sports and represented the 17 hospitals in the Anglia region where they've had treatment.

Ten-year-old Sophie Cole from Harlow's been looked after at the Princess Hospital in the town ''I'm really excited about this. Despite all the injections I have to take, I just want to prove I'm normal,' she said