Pictures: RSPCA rescue fox with head stuck in the floor at University of Hertfordshire

Fox Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA was called to the University of Hertfordshire to rescue a fox with its head stuck in the floor.

The fox became stuck when making its way inside a building in Hatfield which is being refurbished.

Builders at the site which was on the de Havilland Campus called the RSPCA.

RSPCA officer Kate Wright said: “I have to admit that when I arrived I was faced with a very odd sight. Here was this fox’s head poking out of a floor and he was so jammed he couldn’t move and I just had these big eyes staring at me.

"I’m not sure if he had got under the flooring through the foundations, but whatever led him there, his plan to get out through the hole clearly hadn’t worked!

“The builders were amazing and when I said the best thing for the rescue was to remove the floor panel he was stuck in – they sorted it out immediately using crowbars. Then it was a case of me crawling on the floor and trying to then squeeze the fox’s head back through the hole."

A fox gets his head stuck Credit: RSPCA