Mountain of rubbish to shame litter louts

A Harlow paddling pool filled with 700 bags of litter collected in the town within a fortnight Credit: ITV Anglia/Lauren Carter

In an effort to tackle littering, workers from Harlow Council have been doing some littering themselves.

One of the town's paddling pools was filled with litter collected from the town over the past two weeks. It's hoped it will make people think twice about dropping litter. The paddling pool was filled with drinks cans, crisp packets and other bits of rubbish,

Harlow Council will be adding around 30 more bins in the town. Community Safety Officers will also be stepping up patrols and issuing litter louts with fines of £80.

Every year in Harlow, street cleaning services, which includes picking up litter that doesn’t make it into a bin, costs Harlow Council £800,000 a year. The council says that's money which could be used to provide other services in the town instead of clearing up discarded cigarette ends, fast food wrappers and other litter.