Surgeon makes front page news in India

Mr Chakravorty with an inscribed silver plate with which he was presented after giving a lecture in India Credit: Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

A Colchester surgeon has made front page news in India after carrying out a special cancer operation.

Mr Arunmoy Chakravorty, based at Colchester General Hospital, performed two operations in the northern Indian city of Allahabad, which were broadcast live to 150 surgeons.

He then then gave a lecture which was attended by about 400 doctors.

Mr Chakravorty, a consultant oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgeon, was the first surgeon to carry out the operation in Allahabad.

The procedure involved removing only the tumour inside a breast cancer patient without the need for mastectomy.

The Hindustan Times, the second most widely read English language newspaper in India, described the operation, known as a sentinel lymph node biopsy, as a “medical marvel”.

Mr Chakravorty, said: “Breast surgery as a specialty is still developing in India where the surgery tends to be carried out by general surgeons rather than specialists.

“Traditionally, breast cancer rates in India have been low but they are rising due to a number of factors, including lifestyle changes, more awareness and better detection.

“In some parts of India, such as Allahabad, the only operation carried out for breast cancer surgery is a mastectomy whereas in this country the trend is more and more towards breast conservation surgery.”

Mr Chakravorty’s visit was organised before the Government last month announced an initiative to export the NHS and make it a global brand.

He said he was very pleased by the positive feedback he received in India and used the occasion to make contacts from all over the country.

In the future, Mr Chakravorty would like to develop and establish an exchange programme for continuing professional development between Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust and medical institutes in India.

Mr Chakravorty joined the Trust in November last year and divides his time between its two hospitals – Essex County Hospital and Colchester General Hospital.