Suffolk town trials new one-way system

Protestors hit the streets of Bungay in Suffolk Credit: ITV Anglia

Protestors marched through the new one-way system in Bungay to make sure their opposition to it was clear.

They say that in the last week traffic and accidents have increased in the market town - and they're blaming it on the one-way system that started being trialled on 9 September.

Traffic is now only permitted south along Trinity Street and north along St Mary's Street.

Katy Wakley says the new layout makes it difficult for her to get around in her wheelchair.

"Because the traffic flow is different people are using other roads as short cuts and I've found that some of my regular wheelchair routes that have two lots of low curbs opposite each other are not safe for me to use so I have to find other routes to regular places."

Cllr Guy McGregor spoke to a number of protesters about their concerns.

He says the scheme was supported by Bungay Town Council and was introduced to improve road safety.

Cllr Guy McGregor Suffolk county council "In addition to that the district council have been supportive in their own car parks you have here to allow an hour of free car parking and so the idea is to make our market towns, Bungay in particular, a better place and environment for people to come, to shop."

But some claim it's having a detrimental impact on local trade.

"Our takings were down by nearly 50 per cent last week and we can only put that down to the one-way system and people not coming into town... It's obviously taken people a week to realise how awkward it is to get around town and they aren't coming in anymore."

A decision will be made on the scheme's future in the next four to 18 months. But local traders fear their businesses may not be able to survive that long.