Miliband: Region will be key battleground

Ed Miliband: East will be electoral focus Credit: ITV Anglia

Ed Miliband has told ITV Anglia that the Eastern region will be a key battleground in the next General Election.

The Labour leader has appointed a special task force to establish how the party can target seats in the region and has appointed Ed Balls as a regional champion.

He said:

It is very important [to win seats in the region]. I think that there are particular issues in the East particularly around living standards, I think so many people who have often felt comfortably off and are really struggling to pay their bills, I think the question they are asking is who is going to be in government who is going to stand up to the big powerful interests in our country like the banks and the energy companies.

Ed Miliband

The Labour leader's first stop after the party conference in Manchester was to head to Corby as part of the by-election campaign.

He's said:

Rather than speculating on the result, I'm going to try and win the by-election in Corby and go out there and try and convince people in Corby and East Northamptonshire that we have the answers for them."

Ed Miliband

On the subject of airport expansion, Miliband called for a proper look at all the options in order to take the best way forward.