TV ad warns of rail danger

Elsenham Station in Essex where two teenagers were killed Credit: ITV Anglia

Network Rail hopes a new TV advert will make people more aware that they should treat approaching rail footpath crossings as they would a busy road, even in quiet rural areas.

The advert depicts a family taking a cycle through the countryside, playing a game of “I spy” which distracts them as they approach the footpath crossing. The daughter is standing on a crossing when she realises that she's in the path of an approaching train.

Network Rail hopes the powerful message “See track, think train” will raise awareness that despite the quiet, rural setting, that paying attention to warning signs can save your life.

The campaign follows the death of two teenagers at a crossing at Elsenham near Stansted. Olivia Bazlington and Charlotte Thompson were hit by a train as they walked through pedestrian crossing gates in December 2005.

Network Rail subsequently pleaded guilty to failing to carry out a sufficient risk assessment, failing to properly control protective measures at the level crossing and failing to prevent the girls from being exposed to the risks which led to their deaths.