Badger cull delay welcomed by Cambridge MP

Queen's Brian May who campaigned against a badger cull meeting Cambridge MP Julian Huppert Credit: Submitted

A government decision to delay a planned badger cull has been welcomed by Cambridge MP Julian Huppert. He says a cull shouldn't take place unless that there is absolute certainty that it will prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis in cattle and there is no other working alternative.

Mr Huppert, a Liberal Democrat MP, says he has received numerous letters from constituents concerned about the government’s plans for a badger cull. He met with leading animal welfare and conservation groups, including the Badger Trust, RSPCA and League Against Cruel Sports, to discuss the issue in depth.

And last week he met Queen guitarist Brian May who is supporting the campaign to save badgers from the cull.

The government has delayed a proposed badger cull which was aimed at reducing TB in cattle Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Mr Huppert said he welcomed the statement about the postponement of the badget cull and said it would "foolish in the extreme" to go ahead with it,