Suffolk nursery may burn all its ash trees

Ash trees are under threat from Chalara fraxinea Credit: David Jones/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A nurseryman in Suffolk is faced with losing his stock of ash trees, even though there's no sign they're infected with disease.

A number of woods in East Anglia have got ash dieback, the disease that's spread to this country from Europe where millions of trees have had to be destroyed.

David Harwood runs Sandy Lane nursery at Wattisfield near Diss. He has 500 young Ash trees, which all appear to be healthy but is considering pulling them up and burning them.

There doesn't seem much point in keeping them... With all this talk of disease, who'll want to buy them even though they're in good shape?'

Hundreds of forestry workers are scouring every bit of woodland in Britain to determine the extent of the disease. The results will determine what the Government plans to do to prevent the spread of it.

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