Ash dieback disease discovered in Bedfordshire

Ash dieback is spreading Credit: ITV Anglia

New cases of Ash dieback disease have been reported as far afield as Northumberland.

The latest confirmed case in our region has been found in Bedfordshire. The news came as the government held a summit with representatives of industry, conservation groups and experts to discuss the growing problem.

The government says it's taking the outbreak very seriously.

An intensive survey by hundreds of officials was carried over the weekend.

They surveyed 92% of the UK's ash trees.

  • The disease has now been confirmed at 115 sites across the country.

  • Most recently in our region in Bedfordshire, but also in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex .

  • The government was first informed of the disease on April 29.

  • But Ash Imports from Denmark where the disease is rife weren't banned until October 29.

Earlier ITV Anglia spoke to the government's Enviromental Advisor, Martin Ward and we started by asking him if he accepted that the government had failed to act.