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New Year's Honours in Suffolk

The Queen has honoured a selection of people across Suffolk in the New Year's Honours list. Photo:

These are the people living in Suffolk who have been named in the Queen's New Year's Honours list.


Peter John Luther Beaumont. Recorder of London. For services to the Administration of Justice. (Suffolk)

David Richard Sheepshanks. Chair, St. George's Park. For services to Football and for charitable services in Suffolk. (Suffolk)


Ian Dowling. Formerly chief Assessor, Parliamentary Assessment Board of the Conservative Party. For political service. (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk)

Susan Ronagh Whitthames. Governor, Oulton Broad Primary School andFen Park Community Primary School, Suffolk. For services to Education.


Leslie John Ager. For services to Music in Haverhill Suffolk. (Haverhill, Suffolk)

Michael John Ames. For services to the community in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk)

Robert Paulin Clinton. For services to Veterans Aid. (Newmarket, Suffolk)

Mrs Jane Elizabeth Gemmill. For services to the community in Stradbroke, Suffolk. (Eye, Suffolk)

Keith Haisman. Chair of Governors and Chair of Finance and Premises, Stour Valley Community School. For services to Education. (Clare, Suffolk)

Mrs Susan Harrison. For services to Independent Community Cinema in Aldeburgh. (Aldeburgh, Suffolk)

Mrs Muriel Healey. Board Member, Havebury Housing Partnership. For services to Tenants in Suffolk. (Haverhill, Suffolk)

David Nicholson. Manager E, HMP and Young Offenders Institute, Norwich. For services to the Rehabilitation of Prisoners. (Eye, Suffolk)

Peter Holden Taylor. For services to the community and to charity in Ipswich Suffolk. (Woodbridge, Suffolk)

Susan Witthames, 64, from Lowestoft has been awarded the MBE for services to education.

Mrs Whitthames is currently a governor at Oulton Broad Primary School where she is always willing to give of herself onmany levels. Her involvement with the school and in the wider community has resulted in her becoming arecognised source of governance knowledge and experience throughout the county.

She has previously beeninvited onto a number of working groups and was asked to act as Chair of Governors for a school in specialmeasures which was subsequently rated satisfactorily by Ofsted. She has also supported Suffolk CountyCouncil by becoming an active member of their Staff Governance Forum, and is a key participant in Suffolk’sSchool Organisation Review.

She introduced the Governor of the Month scheme, to encourage all governorsto have a better understanding of the staff, pupils and day-to-day operations of the school. So successful hasthis been in raising awareness of the challenges faced by schools the idea is now being introduced by otherlocal governing bodies.

Robert Clinton, 71, from Newmarket has been awarded a British Empire Medal for services to Veterans Aid.

Mr Clinton has dedicated himself to the Veterans Aid charity, which looks after homeless ex-Service personnel. Hiswise counsel has helped to turn this relatively unknown charity into one of the most important organisationsof it kind. Its work is unique and any veteran out of luck and on the streets is always given help and is neverturned away.

His drive and enthusiasm has led to a complete modernisation of the charity’s finance andgovernance system. The change of fortunes that he has helped deliver has been so successful that thecharity recently won a European Business Award for business transformation and his personal input wascritical to this success.

He is very well known and has given new impetus to the vital importance of fundraising. Indeed it would be fair to say that even in times of recession Veterans Aid are not strugglingfinancially and this is due in no small way to his tireless efforts. He is quietly inspirational and many veteranshave every reason to be extremely grateful for what he has done on their behalf.

Susan Harrison, 73, from Aldeburgh has been awarded the British Empire Medal for services to independent community cinema in Aldeburgh.

For the last 50 years, Mrs Harrison has given unstinting and selfless service to Aldeburgh Cinema. Established in1919, the cinema is a much loved institution amongst those living in the town of Aldeburgh and surroundingarea. It is owned by a group of local shareholders, on a not-for-profit basis and plays a vital role in the culturallife of the town.

She is one of the original members of the team who mounted a rescue package to save thecinema when it was threatened with closure. She has been the one constant member of the managementteam and Board of Directors and is known, with great affection, as the face of the cinema. She has alwaysgiven service above and beyond the call of duty.

She has generously nurtured new employees and thecinema now offers not only a range of films but also live transmissions of opera and theatre. In 2011 shereceived the Mayor’s Personal Achievement Award in recognition for her contribution to making the cinemathe vital hub of town life that it now is.

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