Couple win £1m on Euromillions raffle

John and Carol Baxter from Baldock with their cheque Credit: ITV Anglia/Lauren Hall

A couple from Hertfordshire is celebrating a big win on the Euromillions. John and Carol Baxter from Baldock scooped £1million on the Millionaire Raffle. Their ticket had the winning raffle number on last Tuesday's draw.

John, who works at Luton Airport, says he's determined to keep his feet firmly on the ground; his first purchase was a pair of new slippers which cost £9.99 at his local supermarket. After a triple heart bypass a few years ago, he says he's delighted some luck has finally come his way. "Well, we're just over the moon" he told us.

His wife Carol added: "It doesn't normally happen to ordinary people and it's proved it does. It's just wonderful."

Friends and colleagues have told us it couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. They're hoping to spend some of the money on a holiday later in the year and say they're also looking forward to sharing their winnings with their three sons and nine grandchildren.