Gallery of snowmen from ITV Anglia viewers

Alice & William's snowman from Luton Credit: Peter Griffiths
Chloe and Phoebe Carter from Oulton Broad Credit: Richard Carter
Ryan Jones and his giant snowmen at Alpington, Norfolk Credit: Gary Jones
Annabel and Holly Everson from Holbrook in Suffolk who built an igloo yesterday Credit: Janine Everson
A snow dalek from Ryan, Mark and Gary in Southend, Essex Credit: James Wallace
Tree-loving snowmen Credit: Gary Wakefield
Connor Pearce (9) from Lowestoft, Suffolk with his Norwich City snowman Credit: Donna Able
The newest member of the East Anglian Air Ambulance crew. Credit: Jemma Varela
Dr Anya Wallace, Dr Snowman and Critical Care paramedic Jemma Varela of the East Anglian Air Ambulance Credit: Jemma Varela
Jade, Mark, Ryan and Aidan from Haverhill, Suffolk Credit: Alison White
Aidan Woollard (10) with our snowman and snow dog from Eaton in Norwich. Credit: Andrew Woollard
Aidan Andrews (4) from Ridgewell, Essex with his camper van Credit: Tanya Andrews
Snowman and his best friends from Gazeley, Suffolk Credit: Luke Russell
Andrew, Charlie & Joshua from Rushden, Northamptonshire. Credit: Lorraine NIckell
Meet our Wild Honey Snowmen from March in Cambridgeshire - our rock band in snow form. Credit: Aimee