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Head teacher learns mobility lesson from pupils

Mobile head: Virginia Gilks on her scoooter Photo: ITV News Anglia

The headteacher of a lower school in Bedfordshire that's divided into two different sites has always faced the same dilemma - how can she go between them without taking too much time?

Virginia Gilks found driving and walking from one site to the other too time-consuming. So she's taken a lesson from her pupils, and now uses a scooter

"Well I've been headteacher here for 5 years, the school is on two sites and frequently I'm crossing between the two sites in the morning, and I have children whizzing past me on scooters and I keep saying to them 'I need one of those, I'd get across much quicker!' and finally I decided that I would go ahead and get one."

– Virginia Gilks - Head teacher, Bromham Lower School

She has cut her journey time between the two sites from ten minutes to just three, and she hopes that by whizzing around on her scooter, it will encourage her pupils to opt for healthy and environmentally friendly methods of transport.