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Villagers claim victory in housing dispute

The greenfield site at the heart of the battle Photo: ITV News Anglia

Villagers in Houghton and Wyton in Cambridgeshire are claiming victory over their District Council after a high court ruling stalled the building of 500 new homes in a local green space.

New homes being built in Cambridgeshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

The greenfield land is situated at Houghton Grange between their villages and St Ives. The residents joined forces with the Parish Council to raise money for the legal challenge.

Huntingdonshire District Council are already building around 100 new homes at Slepe Meadow, just outside Houghton, and around a 100 near St Ives.

Huntingdonshire District Council say the judgement still allows for 500 homes to be built in the area - the debate will now be about exactly where. They are planning to appeal.