MP has high hopes for restoration of Bletchley Park

Iain Stewart MP on his tour of Bletchley Park

An MP has said the restoration of Bletchley Park will help put Milton Keynes on the "heritage map".

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart took a tour of the heritage site - home to the codebreakers during the Second World War - to see how some of its derelict buildings are being brought back to life.

Bletchley Park, once Britain's best kept secret, is now a heritage site and museum. It has been given £7.4 million of Heritage Lottery funding to restore some of its codebreaking buildings.

Iain Stewart was shown around the iconic Huts 3 and 6, where German Army and Air Force Enigma messages were decrypted, translated and turned into vital intelligence.

The MP was also shown Hut 11, which is being restored to tell the story of the Royal Navy Wrens and their vital work during the Second World War.

The tour continued with a visit to Block C, where punch-card machines carried out rapid analysis of encrypted message systems. This building is being transformed into a visitor centre with exhibition space.