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Colchester Zoo fears big losses as storm forces closure

More than 12 trees have been brought down by the storm at Colchester Zoo forcing its closure for the day. Photo: Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo fears big losses as the storm brought down trees and damaged animal enclosures forcing its closure at the start of half-term week.

The attraction is closed today and would have expected 6,000 visitor through the gates at one of its busiest weeks at this time of the year.

The gale force winds caused damage throughout the park including tearing off part of an electric roof at the Orangutan Forest and bringing down more than 12 trees; some of which caused damage to enclosures and catering outlets.

Roof damage to one of the enclosures at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo

"As a private organisation with no additional funding, Colchester Zoo’s visitors play a huge part in helping to fund the day to day expenses as well as its further development."


Colchester Zoo says staff are continue to work hard to fix all damages for the zoo to open as usual on Tuesday and continue with its Halloween events Shriek Week and Fright Nights.

Colchester Zoo has had to close for the day because of storm damage Credit: Colchester Zoo

In 2001 the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak had Colchester Zoo closed for just over a month with a result of over £350,000 lost.