Murder investigation relaunched 18 years later

Ian Grant was found dead on wasteland near Fulbourn Hospital in Cherry Hinton just after midnight on November 15, 1995.

Detectives in Cambridge have relaunched an investigation into one of the city's most notorious unsolved murders - 18 years after it happened.

24 year old Ian Grant was found dead on wasteland in Cherry Hinton in November 1995.

At the time it was described as Cambridge's coldest murder. Ian Grant was killed in a gang-land execution style shooting - a bullet in the back of the head at close range.

Two men were arrested but acquitted of conspiracy to murder. Since then the case has remained unsolved.

"People are speaking to us now that didn't speak to us 18 years ago. We have a far better understanding of how Ian was shot and why he was shot. "So much in fact that we have re-launched this as a full investigation. I am confident that this new information that has come in will result in some positive interventions in the weeks, months ahead."

Ian Grants body was discovered on wasteland near Fulbourn Hospital in Cherry Hinton, police believed he was lurred there by a man who was hanging around outside his flat which is just a few hundred yards away. They think he followed the man to the bank where two or three others lie in wait for him with a gun.

At the time of his murder, Ian Grant had been a bouncer and was planning to set up his own security company. Police think he may have upset others in the pub and club scene, when gangs dominated the trade.

Library picture of police at the scene. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Detectives believe that a culture of fear and intimidation at the time of the murder meant witnesses and people with information were too scared to come forward. But police say allegiances have changed and that fear no longer exists.

Two weeks prior to the murder Mr Grant's girlfriend, had her car set alight. Detectives still believe the incident is linked to the killing. Just days after the murder, she made an emotional appeal for information.

Library picture of Samantha Kerslake speaking at a press conference in 1995. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"All I have now is some brilliant memories and I find comfort in the thought that Ian will be with me in spirit for the rest of my life. "So if you know something about what happened on Tuesday November the 14th, please phone the police and tell them what you know."

The plea went unanswered then, but officers hope almost 20 years on the wall of silence will finally be broken, and they will at last be able to bring the killers to justice.