All there in black and white: People still love old sets

Don't touch that dial Credit: ITV News Anglia

The days when the TV was a piece of furniture in your living room and you could count the number of channels on one hand.

It was a time when black and white telly dominated the sets in our homes.

Snelling in Blofield Heath in Norfolk has been selling televisions since the 50's but it's been a while since a black and white set left their shop.

According to TV Licensing there are apparently around 12,000 people in the country with a mono TV licence in the last year - many in our region.

The highest number of black and white TV licences is 69 in Luton, 40 in Northampton, 36 in Cambridge and 27 in Milton Keynes.

They don't make them like they used to... Credit: ITV News Anglia

So what is the appeal? Other than the fact the black and white licence is a third the price of a colour TV, obviously?

Since the digital switch over all TVs have to have a receiver and plenty of the old styles do not have the right connections.

An old Pye set Credit: ITV News Anglia