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Police dispel 999 myth

Calling 999 does not charge your mobile phone. Photo:

Our region's police forces are warning people not to dial 999 in the belief it can boost a phone's battery life.

There is an urban myth that calling 999 and disconnecting immediately can increase the power in a mobile phone.

Bedfordshire Police say it is simply not true, but they have received numerous calls from people believing the urban myth over the past six months. They say it can have serious consequences.

Claire Ackerman from Bedfordshire Police.

"Whilst the operator is tied up on the phone to them and we are making checks in the background to locate them, it can prevent other emergency calls getting through, therefore lives can be put at risk."_

– Inspector Claire Ackerman, Bedfordshire Police

Misusing the 999 number is a criminal offence, and the police also have the power to disconnect mobile phones.

They are reminding people that the only way to boost battery life is by using a mobile phone charger.

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