WARNING UPDATE: More wet and windy weather

More wet and windy weather is forecast for the Anglia region Credit: Boris Roessler/DPA/Press Association Images

YELLOW WARNING WIND: Essex, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock

Valid from 0015 hrs to 2300 hrs on Wednesday 5 February 2014

A spell of wet and windy weather is coming our way later tonight.

Inland gusts to around 60 mph are likely. A gradual change to more showery conditions is expected on Wednesday but still with some longer spells of rain, which could mean that some areas see accumulations of 20-30 mm in 24 hours.

The public should be aware of the risk of disruption from either the wind or rain elements in this warning, which have almost equal prominence during this period.

Predicted maximum wind gusts at 3pm on Wednesday 5 February from the Met Office computer Credit: Met Office

Winds could gust at more than 60 mph along the coast of East Anglia on Wednesday afternoon.

The map above shows a Met Office computer forecast of potential highest winds gusts at 3pm.

  • Yellow - wind gusts of 35 - 46 mph

  • Orange - wind gusts of 46 - 58 mph

  • Red - wind gusts of 58 - 69 mph

Computer forecast of the rainfall at 2am on Wednesday 5 February 2014 Credit: Met Office
Yellow Warning for rain on Friday Credit: Met Office

YELLOW WARNING RAIN: Essex, Hertfordshire, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock

Valid from 0005 hrs to 1200 hrs on Friday 7 February 2014

A further spell of heavy rain may affect parts of the south of England for a time late on Thursday evening and during the first part of Friday. Southeastern areas are judged as being most at risk. The public should be aware that there is more than usual uncertainty in the outcome for this period but that further flooding may occur (or be worsened in some areas) if this threat does materialise.

"Computer models are undecided on the outcome during this period. A low pressure is expected to develop somewhere to the southwest of the country on Thursday but its subsequent track may take it safely to the south (across Biscay and France), or curve it into the south of the UK overnight and into Friday. In the case of the latter outcome, heavy rain falling so soon after the previous batch (see warnings for Wednesday) would be expected to exacerbate problems with flooding, (especially as further heavy rain seems very likely early on Saturday)."