Marybelle: the Suffolk dairy farm named Supreme Champion

Marybelle Dairy.

When a family of dairy farmers in Suffolk lost their herd to BSe in the 1990s they realised they had would have to diversify to survive.

Twenty years on and the Strachan family from Rendham near Saxmundham now officially makes the country's tastiest greek yoghurt.

"We decided we either had to grow the cows numbers significantly which was a lot of investment, sell up altogether and we didn't want to do that, or do something else, add value to what we're doing so we chose the added value route."

And that added value has brought in award after award. Most recently their greek yoghurt was named Supreme Champion at the Great Taste awards. Their recipe for success is simplicity - just four ingredients.

Marybelle award winning yoghurt.

"It's really simple, there's no additives or preservatives, there's no long shelf life we're just going for yoghurt as it used to be. The recipe has come from Mum's college days when she learnt very basic methods and we've upscaled them to suit what we're doing"

Marybelle is very much a local company, all the milk is produced within 15 miles and all the products sold within East Anglia.

Those sales are steadily increasing - 50,000 more litres of milk and yoghurt sold last month compared with February last year.