Tulisa Contoslavos was barely visible beyond the files of security and press at Chelmsford Magistrates Court this morning.

The pop singer and former X Factor judge is accused of hitting a celebrity blogger at last year's V Festival in the city. A charge she denies.

The blogger Savvas Morgan today told the court that they got into a row after Tulisa accused him of following her at the festival.

Mr Morgan says Tulisa was shouting at him saying:

You're stalking me, you know what you've done, this is the end of your journey.

He says he saw her swinging and then he says she hit him.

Tulisa had recently resigned as an X factor judge at time of the argument, and the judge heard that Mr Morgan had previously featured negative posts about the singer on his celebrity blog.

The defence put to Mr Morgan that he had indeed been stalking and hassling Tulisa for some time and that she had had to take legal action against him after he posted an intimate sexual videotape of her on his blog.

Mr Morgan said that there was nothing personal about posting this video and he was just doing his job.

Tulisa's assistant Gareth Varey is accused alongside her of using threatening language to Mr Morgan. Both deny all charges and the case continues.