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Girls have been through horrific ordeals - Police

Yasir Ali (Left) and Daaim Ashraf found guilty Photo: Cambridgeshire Police

A jury at Cambridge Crown Court found Yasir Ali, 28, of Grange Road, Peterborough and Daaim

Ashraf, 19, of Almoners Lane, Peterborough were both found guilty of a string of sex offences.

James Daly, 25, was acquitted of one charge of rape.

Cambridgeshire Police have issued the following statement after today's guilty verdicts of two men.

"Today's convictions are part of the ongoing joint inquiry by Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Peterborough City Council's Children's social care to safeguard young people and bring offenders to justice.

As with the previous case held at the Old Bailey, this investigation

was entirely victim-led.

– Detective Superintendent Gary Ridgway

The detective said that they had worked closely with other agencies to win the trust of the girls so they felt safe to share their ordeal.

The girls were targeted due to their vulnerability and groomed via

social media. They were made to feel special.

These men preyed on their innocence and took them to hotels where theywere plied with alcohol then sexually abused.

They have each been through horrific ordeals and have shown greatbravery in giving evidence against their abusers at court.

It will no doubt take many years for them to rebuild their lives, buthopefully the knowledge that these men have been brought to justicewill be an important step forward for them.

– Detective Superintendent Gary Ridgway

The police say their priority is to safeguard young people.

The two guilty men checking into the Days Inn Hotel.