Spook spotters turn out to see Anne Boleyn's ghost

Anne Boleyn Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ghost hunters gathered at one of the region's stately homes at midnight last night in the hope of seeing a headless Anne Boleyn.

According to legend on the anniversary of her beheading, the doomed Queen can be seen in a carriage driven by headless horsemen arriving at Blickling Hall in Norfolk where historians now believe she was born.

It's dusk at Blickling Hall near Aylsham in Norfolk and people are gathering hoping to see the phantom figure of Anne Boleyn.

The Jacobean mansion sits on the site of the former medieval manor house which was home to the Boleyn family.

And it's here - her birthplace - that the second wife of Henry VIII - returns on the anniversary of her beheading

Anne Boleyn's downfall was her inability to produce a son.

She was executed on charges of witchcraft, incest, adultery and conspiracy against the king. Just 24 hours later Henry VIII married another maid of honour,Jane Seymour.