Pictures and reaction from Peterborough

Supporters in Peterborough.

UKIP have gained their first three seats on Peterborough's unitary authority to leave the council with no overall control.

All three seats were taken from the Conservatives who also lost a seat to Labour.

"Well, I can't take it in at the moment. I shall wake up in a minute, it fells like a dream. "UKIP listened to the people whereas the other parties have got so established they don't know what the ordinary people feel like. It's not fair, we have rights, and we get knocked left right and centre - we're racist and all that business. "I'm not racist, I'm a realist, that's what I tell people. We're not against immigration we're against suffocation." "On booing, I don't listen to any of that - they're probably just jealous."

John Okonkowski joined UKIP at the start of the year.

"In shock at the moment I didn't expect to really win, I thought we'd do well I only joined UKIP at the start of the year and it's the first time I've experienced anything like this. "They've been hammered the last month about being racist, the three main parties had nothing to talk about all they had to talk about was Nigel Farage, but that has backfired on them and that's why we got in."

Winning UKIP candidate Roger Herdman.

"It comes back to the EU a lot of people are annoyed with the other parties. They've come to UKIP to see if they can get it sorted for them."

Marco Cereste says he's not surprised that UKIP has done so well.

"It does hurt, but actually if you look it's a huge victory. If Labour can't win with a year away from a General Election then they're never going to. They are not a serious threat anymore, the threat is UKIP."

Richard Farris, Labour.

"We had a good sort of promised vote, but you have to realise that on the day. It was a bit nerve wracking but we got there in the end. "We won't be working with UKIP their politics are the politics of fear, ours are of the politics of hope."

Nick Sandford, Liberal Democrats.

"Really pleased with what happened because we held the Walton ward and Werrington South wards, and they are wards where they have been campaigning, not just at this time of the year, but all year round."

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