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Devastating fire means buildings must be demolished

Smoking ruins in Fakenham Photo: ITV Anglia

Norfolk's chief fire officer says the buildings devastated by a fire in the centre of Fakenham will have to be demolished. Crews are still at the scene of the blaze, which tore through a row of shops and flats in Upper Market Place. They're trying to put out pockets of fire which are still burning.

Nigel Williams says the building is not in imminent danger of collapse, but it's very unlikely that it can be saved. He said temperatures of 800 to 1000 degrees will have weakened the internal steel structure so badly, it will have to come down. Fire crews are monitoring the situation carefully.

The fire service's main priority is keeping the public at a safe distance; cordons are still in place.

Experts are expected to be brought in this week to decide how best to dismantle the ruins.

Fire crews are still at the scene Credit: ITV Anglia
The old Aldiss building will have to be demolished Credit: ITV Anglia
Still smouldering: ruined buildings in Fakenham Credit: ITV Anglia
Damage done by the fire is clear Credit: ITV Anglia

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