Cambridge student doctor sets her sights on Miss England glory

Carina Tyrrell has been named as Miss Cambridgeshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia

While most of her classmates are busy cramming for exams, this trainee doctor is busy raising her public profile.

Carina Tyrrell is a student at Cambridge University, and has already got a first for her degree.

She's also already been crowned Miss Cambridgeshire. Next stop England, then possibly, the world.

"Ever since I was little I watched Miss World on television and I thought this is really interesting - I'd really like to do that."

But have beauty pageants changed since Carina was growing up?

Many of the old cliches abound. There are points for charity work, modelling and dressmaking skills.

There's also a talent round, and that's where Carina's obvious skill and intelligence is difficult to argue with.

Carina will compete in Torquay on Monday. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"My talent is my doctoring skills - taking blood pressures, things like that. So I've been filmed in the hospital."

But it is still a beauty contest. And it was winning the bathing suit round that secured Carina's place in the final.

Carina's talent is her "doctoring skills." Credit: Dr Jon Ferdinand

Opponents of beauty pageants have always argued that those taking part are reinforcing an outdated and sexist, misogynistic view of women but Carina says that isn't the case.

She argues that both men and women are equal, and that she is simply exercising her right to compete.

Carina is already Miss Cambridgeshire. The judges will decide whether she's crowned Miss England. But is she Miss-representing women? That's still up for debate.

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