Thousands of people came through the doors for an open day at New Holland Agriculture to see for themselves how this business has continued to thrive while others in recent years have struggled.

As part of the celebrations, a parade of classic tractors travelled through the town, featuring the newest model to celebrate its Golden Jubilee year and the first tractors to be made on this site in the 1960s.

"The products we’ve made have got bigger, more sophisticated and more technology. Nowadays you can get tractors that run on full GPS systems, can plough the field using the coordinates of a GPS system."

The plant in Basildon now employs a thousand people, 500 of those are directly involved in tractor production. Many of them are generations of the same family.

New employees have been taken on in the last month and they’re looking to increase their export beyond their current 120 countries. New Holland Agriculture is now the only tractor plant in the UK.

"Farmers are very keen on the fact that tractors are built in the UK so the fact that we have this plant in the UK is a big selling point for us because they want to buy British."