"I couldn't believe it!": Amateur photographer's shock after spotting 'God' in the clouds above Norfolk

The saying goes that God moves in mysterious ways and apparently he's been seen over Snettisham in west Norfolk.

An amateur photographer spotted a certain likeness in the clouds over The Wash, between Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

His name is Jeremy Fletcher and he regularly uses his phone to take pictures of the countryside, even in his lunch hour.

But it was while he was taking an evening stroll on the shore at Snettisham in Norfolk that he noticed a God-like figure staring back at him from the clouds.

Mr Fletcher, speaking exclusively to ITV News Anglia, says he's still pinching himself.

Jeremy marvels at his photograph. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Mr Fletcher, who's from Berkshire, is in Norfolk on a three-month attachment as a finance director.

Snettisham in Norfolk was the setting for the picture. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Meanwhile, cloud experts say faces or other unusual shapes are often seen as sun glints break through clouds at either dawn or dusk.

It's a phenomenon known as crepuscular rays.

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