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De-listed patients face £50 taxi fare to see the doctor

Former patients of Watton Medical Practice Photo: ITV News Anglia

The frustration is obvious.

I am sitting at a table with two cancer victims and an elderly man who's profoundly deaf.

All have been randomly struck off by their GP surgery in Watton because it failed to hire two more doctors to cope with its 13,000 patients.

They're among 1,500 people who've been told they must register elsewhere.

Danielle Poole got the news as she was about to undergo a cancer operation.

Watton Medical Practice Credit: ITV News Anglia

I didn't know what doctor the paperwork was supposed to go to afterwards, whether they had my notes and know how to deal with things I had any problems, oh yeah, you know, it was additional stress really that wasn't needed at that point in time."

– Danielle Poole

David Brown, is deaf.

"Terrible thing, I have been with the Watton surgery, well not the surgery, but Watton doctors ever since I was born."

And Alan Hankin has bladder cancer.

"Everything through my life has always been last in, first out - it's always been that way all through industry, whatever job I've had, if you was the last in and there was redundancies coming up. It would be you who'd be considered first. Not there."

Breckland District Council

A report to Breckland Council says the problems are hiring and keeping doctors at the Watton practice. The Council's contacting NHS England to look at the issue. Meanwhile, it acknowledges the knock on effect, for some, has been huge.

"Norfolk is a rural area, there is very little public transport and when you have to travel 13 miles across country in a taxi , wait for an appointment and then come back it could cost you £30 - £50, it depends on how long you are going to wait and that's a concern because it might well put people off actually going to the surgery. It could mean they'll go to A and E instead of going to see their doctor. It could mean they just let their health disappear."

– Cllr Phil Cowen

No one from the surgery would talk to us on camera. But the practice manager said she was extremely sorry about all the upset and wished they could hire the doctors they need.