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A month's worth of rainfall in just two days

A woman looks out of her house at the flooded street. Photo:

Parts of our region have been left counting the cost of the weekend's flash flooding with a month's worth of rainfall in just a couple of days.

Cambridgeshire was one of the worst affected places with the Fenland town of March suffering the most.

Fire crews there pumped out 11.5 million litres of water from properties and roads. Now the water has gone people are beginning to assess the damage.

David Hodges from March in Cambridgeshire sorts through his possessions.

David Hodges from March in Cambridgeshire had the painful task of sorting through his possessions, with some help from his neighbour.

Sifting through what can be dried out and saved and what will have to be thrown away.

On Friday, his garage and his conservatory were flooded from the severe rain fall which came down in a matter of hours.

"It was right up to the caravan, there was water everywhere, all round the back, all the houses down here, all been flooded. Over the road was really bad, they got it in the house, we managed to keep it out of the house, but our garage as you can see is flooded."

– David Hodges
David Hodges garage and conservatory were flooded.

March in Fenland was badly hit with around a months rainfall coming down. Roads were turned into waterways as people looked on in disbelief.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service took more than 300 calls across the county over the weekend and in March alone 11.5 million litres of water were pumped away from properties and roads.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue took more than 300 calls.

Mobile phone footage taken by Barry Feetham shows the ferocity of the rainfall. He has lived in March for the last 27 years and has never seen anything like it.

Bin floating along the flooded road.

"It was just gushing through the fence, just excess rain water, all we had to do was open the gate and let the water go. A horrendous amount of water, I've never seen anything like it. I've spoken to people around here and they've never seen it before like that."

– Barry Feetham
Michelle Honey emptying her bridal shop which quickly flooded.

In Oakington near Cambridge, Michelle Honey runs a bridal shop which flooded quickly. Luckily she managed to get her stock out in time.

"The water had got so high and the fire brigade said potentially that it was going to come into the shop, so we headed over to get everything out."

– Michelle Honey

While some people have called the flash floods a freak of nature, others have been critical of how quickly the floods were dealt with by the authorities.

"The problem is with the drainage, the drains need to be sorted out so that the water flows from the properties to the roads into the gutters. The drains and brooks that take the water from the gutters need to be cleaned out, it's not been done for a long time in most cases."

"We've had very intense rainfall...the reality is that these are drains that are built to cope with a certain amount of rainfall and what we've seen is the tail end of a hurricane, it's weather we very rarely get and we found ourselves in a very difficult positions having to deal with it."

– Mike Oakley/Chairman of Oakington Parish Council

Now the waters have subsided, it seems all that the people affected by the flash floods can do now is just hope it does not happen again.