Cambridgeshire volunteers return from teaching in Bangladesh

Children at the school in Badeshore Credit: ITV News Anglia

A good education is something most of us would take for granted, but in other parts of the world, it can mean the difference between a child succeeding in life or getting trapped by poverty.

Four women from Cambridgeshire have just returned from Bangladesh where they have been volunteering in a school.

The school at Badeshore in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, is basic by UK standards, but valued by those who study there.

Chalk, pencils and a few textbooks are as good as it gets. However, the volunteers found absence from lessons almost non existent, with the children keen to carry on studying long after the school day had officially ended.

Mastering English can be a way out of levels of poverty Credit: ITV News Anglia

The school was set up by St Ives restauranteur Mokbul Ahmed who was born in Badeshore. His daughter and her friends went to teach English, Art and anything else that might prove useful.

Currently, there are 31.5% of Bangladeshi's living below the poverty line, with 40% of children are stunted by malnutrition. The death rate for under 5s is 41 in 1000, a staggering ten times the figure in the UK.

Without volunteers, many of these children would face lives of poverty and in some cases, near slavery. With it, there is the chance to expand education opportunities for underprivileged children.

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