Fix your phone: Workshops to help mend broken technology

Fixing a laptop at the event in Cambridge

A new workshop in Cambridge is encouraging more of us to think about fixing broken technology - instead of throwing it away.

The first 'Restart' workshop has just been held at the Centre for Computing History.

Organisers believe more people can help themselves to make do and mend, for example replacing a smashed smart phone screen.

It's not just phones, the Restart workshop in Cambridge is also helping people to fix electrical items such as desk fans.

Working on a smart phone Credit: ITV Anglia

Organisers say that these days people tend to pay someone to fix it or buy a replacement.

If a smart phone screen cracks it can cost more than £100 to have it repaired.

However if you get the spare parts yourself and can repair it then it could cost as little as £20.

Leaning about technology Credit: ITV Anglia

Organisers are hoping to hold more Restart workshops in the future.

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