Grayson Perry designs gingerbread house in Essex

Grayson Perry's cottage Credit: PA Wire

Award winning artist Grayson Perry has designed a green and gold holiday cottage in Essex which has been nicknamed a "gingerbread house"

Perry designed it alongside local architect Charles Holland from FAT Architecture.

The ceramic-tiled home is inspired by a mythical Essex woman called Julie and she is part of the house, as a statue on top of the roof.

Statue of Julie Credit: PA Wire

Grayson Perry believes that the home will 'add greatly to the cultural standing of the area'

The top of the house at Wrabness Credit: PA Wire

At the moment the artist is putting the finishing touches to the two bedroom holiday cottage in the village of Wrabness on the banks of the Stour estuary and it will be available for people to rent.

Safety pins and cassettes on the tiles Credit: PA Wire

The home's ceramic tiles, which feature safety pins, can be seen for miles. The three knives on shields are the Essex coat of arms; and the cassette tapes are assumed to be elements of Julie's story.

Grayson Perry Credit: PA Wire

Outside, 2,000 hand-made tiles provide the colour. Inside, tapestries and mosaics have been designed to illustrate Julie's life.

The roofline of the cottage Credit: PA Wire

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