Astronomy students meet a hero in Milton Keynes

NASA astronaut Dr Stanley Love Credit: ITV News Anglia

GCSE pupils studying astronomy have met one of their heroes - NASA astronaut Dr Stanley Love.

He was at the Open University in Milton Keynes to talk about how to pursue a career in space, and about his experiences on a mission to the International Space Station in 2008.

Dr Love was on board the space shuttle Atlantis, which carried out a 12 day mission to the International Space Station in 2008. During that time he did two space walks, and travelled more than five million miles.

Younger children from local schools were also in the audience, along with hundreds of students and academics. Afterwards a small group of pupils asked him questions, and he gave them some advice on what to study if they want to be an astronaut: The key subjects are maths and science.

Dr Love meets pupils from local schools Credit: Dave Tideswell
They got a chance to ask him questions about life as an astronaut Credit: Dave Tideswell