Concorde's famous nose droops again

The restored Concorde at Duxford Credit: Claire McGlasson, ITV Anglia

It's been exactly 11 years since the last commercial Concord flight and now people can witness the movement of the famous droop nose once again in Cambridgeshire.

Duxford Aviation Society's Concorde has had the nose painstakingly restored and is the only one in the UK where the mechanism operates.

The cockpit of the aircraft now also has fully functional lighting.

Concorde in flight Credit: PA Wire

The Society has had help from Heritage Concorde, a group of ex-Concorde engineers and enthusiasts who gave their time and expertise to help make it work.

Concorde taking off Credit: ITV Anglia
  • The first test flight was in 1969

  • Concorde entered commercial service in 1976

  • The aircraft was used on regular transatlantic flights from London Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport to New York JFK, Washington Dulles and Barbados.

  • It could fly the long haul routes in half the times of other airliners and could reach twice the speed of sound.

  • Only 20 aircraft were ever built, 6 prototypes and 7 each were delivered to British Airways and Air France.

  • Commercial flights ended in Oct 2003

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