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New flag of Northamptonshire raised at County Hall

New flag raised at County Hall in Northampton Photo: ITV News Anglia

The new flag of Northamptonshire was raised at County Hall in Northampton this morning.

New flag of Northamptonshire being raised Credit: ITV News Anglia

The council say they decided to create the flag during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, when they attended a garden party at Burghley House and were asked to bring their county flag. They realised that many other counties had flags, but that Northamptonshire did not have one of its own.

The final design was chosen through a public vote, from ideas submitted by school pupils, individuals and community groups. One design came from as far away as Australia.

The colours are maroon and gold which are the colours of the county cricket club and also the football club.

It's a gold cross on a maroon background and that signifies that we are at the crossroads of England.

The cross is edged in black and that signifies the leather industry, and in the middle is the Northamptonshire rose and this is a rose uniquely designed for Northamptonshire because we've always been the rose of the Shires.

– Cllr Joan Kirkbride, Chairman of Northamptonshire County Council.

The flag was raised this morning to coincide with Northamptonshire's first ever County Day, also created as part of the project.

The council chose 25 October as it is St Crispin's Day, the patron saint of shoes. Northampton is famous for its shoe-making history.