Why is Cambridge the best place in the country to be a jobseeker?

Cambridge has a wealth of job vacancies, but research shows the cost of living is continuing to rise Credit: ITV News Anglia

If you’re looking for a job then you might be interested to learn that Cambridge is the best place in the UK to get one.

That’s according to the jobs search engine Adzuna whose figures out today show that for every jobseeker in Cambridge there are ten available jobs.

The research comes as Cambridge continues to benefit from robust growth in the economic recovery.

But as the number of jobs available in Cambridge continues to rise so too does the cost of living.

House prices in the city have risen more than anywhere else in the country over the last seven years, with the average price of a house now almost seven and a half times the average local wage and twelve times the national average wage.

Experts are warning that the cost of living in the city could outweigh the benefits of working there.

ITV News Anglia's Sarah Beecroft spent the day in Cambridge, looking at the options available for the area's job hunters.

Becky Harkins from Adzuna, the company behind the research, spoke with ITV News Anglia's Russell Hookey, who asked her what the news could mean for other cities across our region.