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Braintree student takes centre stage in Youth Parliament Commons debate

Chloe Stevens talking in Parliament. Photo: ITV

A student from a school in Essex has played a starring role in this year's UK Youth Parliament Commons debate.

Chloe Stevens goes to the Alec Hunter Academy in Braintree and is also an elected Member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP).

It was a packed chamber for the annual UK Youth Parliament Commons debate. Credit: ITV

Yesterday, she took centre stage in the Commons when she introduced her work experience motion.

Chloe spoke passionately about her desire to see a return of compulsory work experience. Credit: ITV

Chloe spoke passionately about her desire to see the return of compulsory work experience which was made optional in 2012.

Click below to see Chloe's speech in The Commons

Chloe now hopes that her efforts will inspire other young people to follow her lead.

"I hope that other young people are inspired to come forward and speak about things that they believe in.

It's so important that if there's something local, national or even bigger that you really do come forward and campaign because it can make a massive difference."

– Chloe Stevens