"It's real love": Peterborough United's unique spin on this year's John Lewis Christmas advert

Peterborough United have released their own version of the John Lewis advert. Credit: ITV News Anglia

For some, Christmas has become a little too commercial.

Not for retail giants though - their commercials are anything but little.

They have the production values of blockbusters and are designed to draw tears from your eyes, and your wallet from your pocket.

This year's epic Sainsbury ad was filmed in Suffolk, while Hertfordshire's Rhys Edwards featured in the John Lewis ad.

Rhys Edwards has found fame for his role in the John Lewis advert. Credit: John Lewis

And that's proved to be something of an inspiration to Peterborough United.

William Law schoolboy James Gilby stars in Posh's version of the ad, and he reckons it's better than the real thing.

The video centres around Posh's mascot, Peter Burrow. Credit: Peterborough United

The video was the idea of the club's very own Mad Man - James' dad Neil.

James Gilby stars in Posh's version of the ad. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It was a group effort. A lot of us sat round in the office, trying to think of something that we could put out there for the fans. We'd obviously seen the John Lewis advert, and so the decision was made to make a parody of it."

Neil Gilby, Peterborough United

There was even room for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo from a very familiar face.

Aaron McLean even had a cameo role in the video. Credit: Peterborough United

"I'd just signed that day, so I was in and around the ground, and they just asked me if I'd do a little cameo in the video. The first couple of takes I just couldn't take it seriously because I thought they were trying to wind me up, but it's come out really well."

Aaron McLean, Peterborough United

While a certain high street store saw thousands flock to pick up a penguin, Posh hope fans might be encouraged to spend their money on a bunny.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Rob Halden-Pratt

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