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Church Christmas film goes viral

When St Thomas Church in Norwich decided to make their own version of this season's Christmas story - based on the department store ad that everyone's been talking about Zac Lloyd was the obvious top billing.

His friend Tommy the Tiger makes a weekly appearance at church and so naturally he was the director's choice to play the role of the penguin opposite Zac.

An online presence is something the church has been keen to embrace.

We use social media quite a lot so we use Facebook and Twitter for all sorts of things to get the message out, we find it really effective. The younger generation are engaging in that way and we're really keen to pass that great message we have on. I think we have the greatest message in the world and if we can do that through social media all the better"

– Ian Dyble St Thomas's Church
  • Watch below to see Kate Prout's report on the making of the film and of course the film itself