Brother of JFK died in air crash over Suffolk during WW2

Lt Joe Kennedy Jr

It's a little known story of the man who would be President who died in a fireball over Suffolk in 1944.

Lt Joe Kennedy Jnr and his co-pilot left Fersfield airstrip in Norfolk on 12th August 1944 in an American B24 Liberator. Loaded down with 21,000 lbs of explosives it was destined for a site in Mimoyescques in Northern France where the Germans were storing a large amount of ammunition.

Minutes later, their plane exploded over Blythburgh on the Suffolk coast, scattering wreckage for more than a mile. It was probably caused by an electrical fault.

Wreckage from Joe Kennedy Jr's plane

The body of Joe Kennedy Jr and his co-pilot were never found. He was being primed as the first Irish Catholic President. Following his death his brother, JFK, went on to become the 35th US President.

There are now calls for a memorial to be put up in Fersfield for the hero who never become the American President.