Rare bird makes a comeback to Brecks

Stone Curlew is now thriving in the Brecks Credit: RSPB

It may not be the prettiest of our feathered friends, but now the Stone Curlew is making a comeback in Norfolk and Suffolk.

It's a rare bird which has for the last few years fallen in numbers, but now the RSPB says it's beginning to thrive again in the Brecks.

At Rowley Farm in Hilborough near Swaffham in Norfolk, farmer Andrew Steward is working with the RSPB to ensure that five breeding pairs he has every year return in the spring.

Stone Curlews in their habitat Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Stone Curlews are currently enjoying their winter in North Africa and while they are away, great steps are being taken to make sure the land they return to his enticing and ready.

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