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Photographer captures Cambridge with a 'picture a day' for 4 years

Photographer Martin Bond from Cambridge Photo: ITV News Anglia
'Nuns' Credit: Martin Bond

A Freelance photographer who has taken a 'picture a day' every day for the last four years of his home city of Cambridge, says he has no desire to stop, despite carrying on for four years.

48-year old Martin Bond has created his 'Cambridge Diary' showing life in the city as part of a project which was meant to last just one year.

Martin started his project in March 2010 and now has thousands of online followers since he began posting daily photos more than four years ago.

Taken from 'Cambridge Diary' Credit: Martin Bond
Martin Bond says he will continue to take a 'picture a day' of Cambridge Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Here in Cambridge you have the gown and the town and that provides a lot of material for me. Most of the images you see today could have been taken 200 years ago. Cambridge is represented as this iconic crucible of learning, but actually there is a whole population of people who are going about their everyday ordinary lives and it is the ordinary part of that equation that appeals to me."

– Martin Bond, freelance photographer
Martin taking pictures in Cambridge Credit: ITV News Anglia
Another picture taken from Martin Bond's 'Cambridge Diary' Credit: Martin Bond
Martin Bond talks to ITV News Anglia's Claire McGlasson about his work Credit: ITV News Anglia

On the occasional day that martin leaves Cambridge he selects a favourite picture from the previous week to fill the gap.

Watch Claire McGlasson's report below.